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Anne Deller, dancer and chair of dance group

Group Members - Anne Deller

Anne has long been interested in history and was introduced to living history when she took part in the Kentwell Tudor recreation in 1996 in which year she also joined Renaissance Footnotes and the Hungerford Household. She has also performed semi-professionally at Hampton Court Palace as a costumed interpreter. Recently she has started learning the Renaissance recorder and plays at some events.

Anne has taken up opportunities to learn from many professional teachers of Early Dance including private classes. She is the Chair of the group and takes classes and practice sessions when Robert is not available. She also helps to organise workshops hosted by the group and has organised Tudor themed entertainment for a firm of solicitors and a local charity fund raiser including the provision of appropriate food.

Her special interests are costume, history of religion, household management and Tudor and Stuart food. Anne has undertaken research towards presentations at renaissance footnotes events.