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Join Basingstoke Early Dance

We practice one evening a week at North Warnborough just north of Basingstoke. There is an annual membership fee of 10, and a small amount is collected each session to cover the cost of hiring the hall.

Tudor reenactors welcomed

We also welcome period musicians and living history enthusiasts of the appropriate period who want to participate in the events that we put on.

Our Mission Statement

As a group, we are dedicated to providing an accurate interpretation of the period we are reenacting. This is reflected in the quality of costumes used by the group members, the interpretation of the music by group members and associate musicians, and the dance interpretations. Group members are encouraged to research from primary sources or quality secondary sources in order to provide the required level of accuracy. Items used as costume accessories and to demonstrate living history skills need to be accurate for the period portrayed.

Apart from the core activities of music and dance, members are encouraged to specialise in particular domestic and business skills of the periods being portrayed such as cooking and dining, reading, writing, playing card or board games, and appropriate high status merchant skills such as cloth, spice or fur merchants. Associate members will be expected to display the same quality of research, accoutrements, and reenactment skills as the core dancing members.